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Fans of basal experimental IDM and electronics have known German no-nonsense label Raster-Noton for years. The Berlin based label celebrates its fifteenth anniversary at GOGBOT with four showcases.

1. Frank Bretschneider live

Frank Bretschneider opens GOGBOT at the Oude Markt with a brand new audiovisual live set. His work is known for the precise placement of sound, complex, layered rhythm structures and a minimal, fluent approach. His subtle music is synchronised with phenomenal visuals.
Thu 6 Sept 20h Oude Markt, free entrance


olafbender kl2. Byetone live

Co-founder of Raster-Noton Olaf Bender aka Byetone takes over Atak on the opening night, with his mix of glitch, minimal, technical bassbassbass, and a giant video screen. Countdown with Byetone!
Thu 6 Sept, 23:59h Atak, entrance


mp16 whitelinelight kl3. Carsten Nicolai + Olaf Bender

The installation ‘White Line Light’ melts the senses of seeing and hearing together. Loud clicks and cuts control the light rhythms and intensity of a 16m. long neon tube, in a basic laboratory set up. The installation corresponds with the philosophy of Raster-Noton, a platform investigating the artistic and scientific environment for sound and image.
Concordia Exhibition Langestraat, free entrance

R0016090 kl4. Raster Noton Shop

A shop, installation, exhibition and chill-out room all in one, this is a must for fans of graphic design. Check out the beautiful catalogues, cd series and objects Raster-Noton has published or listen to the sensual electronics of the collective.
Concordia Exhibition Langestraat, free entrance


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GOGBOT 2013: 5 - 8  september

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GOGBOT 2012 is all about Meme’s: cultural genes evolving in our digital surroundings. On 4Chan, 9gag, Dumpert, FOK, Facebook, etc, films and pics are nonstop being mixed, modified and shared within popular culture. Meme’s are the new cultural genes, they spread, mutate, respond… read more


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