NIMk Video Screenings


NIMk Video Screenings

Friday september 7 | 17.00-19.00 h | Concordia Cinema, Oude Markt,  Enschede

Theus Zwakhals and Petra Heck of the NIMk (Dutch institute for media art) selected a number of works from the NIMk collection, to match the GOGBOT theme ‘memes’. They defined meme as an idea, trend, or behaviour spreading online from person to person, often through social media. These cultural genes spread themselves in our digital culture, where they mutate and react. This behaviour can be found in the various individual works on display.

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GOGBOT Trailer 2012


Video by Het Videogilde



GOGBOT 2013: 5 - 8  september

GOGBOT Art / Music / Technology

2012: Internet meme's / The selfish gene

GOGBOT 2012 is all about Meme’s: cultural genes evolving in our digital surroundings. On 4Chan, 9gag, Dumpert, FOK, Facebook, etc, films and pics are nonstop being mixed, modified and shared within popular culture. Meme’s are the new cultural genes, they spread, mutate, respond… read more


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