GOGBOT Kick-Off!


GOGBOT Kick-Off!

6 september | 19:30 - 23:00 | Oude Markt
LRRY2 + TITAN + Frank Bretschneider + Floris Kaayk + The Erasers

Willem Heerbaart

willem heerbaartYour host around the stage of GOGBOT: the colorful personality Napoleon Rodriguez. Also known as a regional artist, actor and artist, leader of several acts: from hardcore punk band Warp6 to the raging figurehead of The New J. Frank Parnell Experience.


Official Opening with LRRY2 + TITAN (UK)

LRRY2 (3)TITAN poster (1)Oude Markt Sept 6   20 u
Official opening + announcement of the Youngblood Award 2012

With spectacular performances by LRRY_2 en TITAN the robot!



Floris Kaayk

kaaykOude Markt Sept 6  20.50 u
Short presentation by filmmaker Floris Kaayk, about his project Human Birdwings, that made world news earlier this year. His YouTube film as first flying human being went over the internet like crazy, until Kaayk revealed on Dutch television that the video was a hoax. See all about this project in the exhibition in 21Rozendaal.


The Erasers (GR)




Oude Markt Sept 6 21:00 h

In each of their performances, The Erasers create a global experience, absorbing the audience into new forms marked by a great freedom of expression and interpretation. Coming from Greece with their visual manifesto, a true live action propaganda performance.
Percussive, politically engaged, sometimes disturbing, their work questions our society, its phenomena’s and proposes a reflection about communication, the individual, image, art…
A poignant and always unexpected result.

Frank Bretschneider (D)

Frank-BretschneiderOude Markt Sept 6  21.45 h
Raster Noton special
Kippschwingungen is like a speedy diving through the scenic cosmos wormholes and leaving chaotic turbulence that creates impossible bizarre Doppler effect. Impressive variety of generated glitches and cinematic textures strengthens the whole atmosphere. It sounds like a malfunction scene from Stanley Kubric’s timeless film 2001: A Space Odyssey – mathematical and dimensional sound.
Frank Bretschneider’s aim was to combine an almost forgotten technology with the music and production methods of today.


GOGBOT Music & Performances

GOGBOT Trailer 2012


Video by Het Videogilde



GOGBOT 2013: 5 - 8  september

GOGBOT Art / Music / Technology

2012: Internet meme's / The selfish gene

GOGBOT 2012 is all about Meme’s: cultural genes evolving in our digital surroundings. On 4Chan, 9gag, Dumpert, FOK, Facebook, etc, films and pics are nonstop being mixed, modified and shared within popular culture. Meme’s are the new cultural genes, they spread, mutate, respond… read more


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