GOGBOT Deathproof Friday Night


GOGBOT Deathproof Friday Night

atakgr7 september | open 23:00 | ATAK | Tickets
Incite + Bong-Ra + Dead Fader + Ambassador21 + more

Incite (D)

Incite @ GOGBOT 2012Atak  Sept 7  0.00 u
Incite will mark the beginning of an explosive night. This award winning duo from Hamburg with their intense pulsating beats can find a perfect balance between danceable noise and dynamic bl/w HD visuals.



BongRa @ GOGBOT 2012Atak  Sept  7  01.00 u

Bong-Ra is a well respected guest at GOGBOT in a variety of appearances. This year his new CD  Monolith was released, with pure hybrid electronics, to be experienced here in Atak. Expect another ultra heavy and sharp as a knife mash-up of jungle, hip hop, raga, drum and bass, break core, rave, metal and jazz.

Visuals by Grooveadelic VJ’s


Dead Fader (UK)

dead fader GOGBOT 2012Atak  Sept  7  02.00 u

Dead Fader from UK is one of the revelations from the new electronic music in 2012. Check the next quotes and be there to witness Dead Fader in Atak, making music history!
“Dead Fader constructs savagely abrasive dance tracks from molten blocks of noise and distortion… your average Dead Fader track is a masterpiece of control, prying open a porthole into the yawning void whilst keeping a few toes carefully planted on the dancefloor.” – The Quietus
“There’s a hip-hop lilt to proceedings, but the razor-edge production is rough and unforgiving, like a particularly mean Dälek B-side.” – FACT
“We once again find ourselves with his trademark sound between stabbing hip-hop and industrial-sounding bass music… a feast of abrasive textures” – Playground
 “Sometimes you discover a track that makes you pound your desk and shriek “SICKKKKK” into the sky, to whatever god or ceiling fixture will listen.” – Electronic Beats

Visuals by Grooveadelic VJ’s


Ambassador21 (Belarus)

ambassador21 @ GOGBOT 2012Atak  Sept 7  03.00 u
Ambassador21 Ambassador21 are the finishing act of the Deathproof Fridaynight. Forget Atari Teenage Riot, forget for a minute the girls from Pussy Riot in Moscow, because here are Alexey and Nataliya, with  a special message: fuck all



816 [800x600]Atak  Sept 7  23.00 u  warming-up

Juke, have you ever heard of this? 2012 will be the year in which Juke is going to leave the underground. What is Juke? It’s a mixture of high tempo house music, hiphop beats and Ghetto-tech. Some  people claim that this is going to be the new Dubstep. 618 is someone who knows this genre as no-one else does.

Ctrl Alt Delete

gobotAtak foyer/café  Sept 7  23-04 h
Party with Leah, JL Sanders, Jayminimal, Merijn, Sjekster, Vanz, Beatling,  more…

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