GOGBOT Audio-Visual Opening Night


GOGBOT Audio-Visual Night

atakgr6 september | open 23:00 | ATAK | Tickets
Byetone + DJ Kypski + Skull Vomit + 2Junxion + NEW + Southern Depot + Cyance

Southern Depot + Cyance

southern depot + cyanceAtak sept 6 23:00

Dark ambiant warming up



Byetone (D)

Atak Sept 6 23.59 u

Co-founder of the Raster Noton lable Byetone aka Olaf Bender will present his new show SYMETA. Expect intense glitchy visuals on the 12 m screen, with the deepest bass, clicks and cuts.
Once again the main hall of Atak will be transformed into a media temple  at the opening of GOGBOT, like Ryoji Ikeda and Carsten Nicolai did before….is this popmusic? 




DJ Kypski

Kypski @ GOGBOT 2012Atak Sept 6 01.00 u

DJ Kypski is 6 times Dutch DJ champion and a scratch phenomena. Always open for experiments and cooperating with a variety of composers, artists and musicians. For GOGBOT Kypski will play a very danceable set with the latest tracks from dub step, juke, techno, grime and minimal: Kypski is turntablism avant-la-lettre!

Visuals by Rosa Menkman


DJ SkullVomit aka Tony from Eustachian (US)

DJ Skull Vomit @ GOGBOT 2012Atak Sept 6 02.00 u

DJ Skull Vomit aka Tony Welter, who is also half of the Electro/Grind duo Eustachian and partial owner of Fathme Records. Expect a spastic bulldozer hovering up and down the main stage of Atak. Vomit’s first release on Cock Rock Disco is a killer!

Visuals by Rosa Menkman



Atak Sept 6 03.00 u

No time to get ill after Skull Vomit, because the night will be finished with the rave-techno-acid from Twente by 2Junxion, aciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid!





Atak foyer/café  Sept 6  23-04 u

GOGBOT dutch talent stage, hosted by NEW Nieuwe Electronische Waar

Falling Dreams
Rorinx & Crosslinq

GOGBOT Music & Performances

GOGBOT Trailer 2012


Video by Het Videogilde



GOGBOT 2013: 5 - 8  september

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2012: Internet meme's / The selfish gene

GOGBOT 2012 is all about Meme’s: cultural genes evolving in our digital surroundings. On 4Chan, 9gag, Dumpert, FOK, Facebook, etc, films and pics are nonstop being mixed, modified and shared within popular culture. Meme’s are the new cultural genes, they spread, mutate, respond… read more


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